CNC Machined
Match Grade and Lead-Free

All of our match grade bullets are designed and manufactured in-house.

The grain to grain precision is standard for us and is achieved by:

  • The rigorous quality control.
  • Using calibrated copper and brass bars as source material.
  • Machining using the CNC Swiss type lathes.

Self-Lubricating (SX)

The bullets have precision drilled channels that are filled with the lubricant gel. The forces generated at the moment of bullet leaving the barrel push the lubricant gel out and applies it to the walls of the barrel.

The concepts of the self-lubricating bullet and the chemical composition of the lubricant gel are patented by Baltic Bullets.

Benefits of SX Bullets

  • Reduced overheating of the barrel during series of intense shooting (for both rifles and machine guns).
  • Life of barrel is extended almost indefinitely (assuming that it is treated on regular basis).
  • Can be linked in belts together with the ball, armor-piercing rounds in any combination.
  • Higher accuracy (up to 30% for sniper rifles).
  • Improved trajectory.
  • Cleaner barrel.

Armor-Piercing (AP)

The armor penetrating core is made out of high-quality tungsten carbide. These bullets are suitable for the long-range shooting as well as assault rifles and machine guns.

Armor-Piercing Incendiary (API)

In addition to the AP characteristics, these bullets have the incendiary titanium tip.

Long Range (LR)

Solid copper or brass match grade bullets that provide excellent accuracy at longer distances and are suitable for semiautomatic rifles.