Large Caliber Ammunition

We produce metal parts and assemble large caliber ammunition. The vast experience in the CNC machining field, usage of high quality CNC milling machines and Swiss type lathes, enables us to deliver the most complex components. The in-house CMM metrology inspection allows maintaining the highest dimensional tolerances and delivery quality products in accordance with the requirements of our clients.


Our in-hose team has vast experience in manufacture of complex metal components and speciality products. The process can be aligned with the needs of particular product to achieve the perfect balance of quality and client requirements.


The assembly process is undertaken in a controlled environment that included rigorous quality control in line with the quality standards. The assembled components can be delivered in a packaging of your choice.


  • 81 mm
  • 82 mm
  • 120 mm


  • 125 mm
  • 152 mm
  • 155 mm


  • 5 in / 54 cal


  • 105 mm M1 HF1